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I rather stupidly neglected to give the URL for the film I discuss below. Here it is:


Could it be Schadenfreude over the idea that I may convince someone else to waste fifty-eight minutes and forty-eight seconds of their life by watching a failed television pilot from 1959 that convinces me to write this message?

It takes rumination over an analogy of crime and a Bach fantasia (while seated playing at a harpsichord) to show the detective something that I'm certain every viewer catches at least 10 minutes earlier in the show.

However it is this little discussion of Bach (and an aside about Scarlatti) which (I think) prompts my posting here with a query.

I don't own a set and rarely watch television. Perhaps another list member could tell me of more current attempts to marry a product of the entertainment industry (such as a television show or series) with an iconic piece of Western musical culture (here J.S. Bach's Chromatic Fantasia). I am not interested in the incidental use of or allusion to such a work, but its inclusion as a key element in plot or character denouement (however unsuccessful - this was, after all, a FAILED television pilot, and, as I have indicated, the detective should have come to his epiphany without the aid of a particular feature of the execution of this particular work of Bach's much earlier).

To alleviate my worries about Schadenfreude-induced motives, I will indicate that the relevant passage in the movie (ignoring the pun, "I can't seem to put my finger on it") starts at 48 minutes and 30 seconds ("What a private eye Johann Sebastian Bach would have made").

Chris Bruce
Kiel, Germany

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