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Just a  minor historical note. Robert is too young, of course, to know about
these  earlier versions of phil. and pop culture, but I'm sure the 45+ 
crowd  on
the List will remember the following. Try to think back to them ol' days  
see if you can identify the philosophical issues raised within the  
programmes. Or not. 
I seem to have been the only one who actually followed McCreery's LINK  
about the Spider man. The phrase is not HIS. The BBC article actually has that  
collocation, "teaching philosophy WITH Spider-Man". The link was actually 
pretty  interesting. It has quotations from some lecturers. They pose some 
arguments.  Actually some of their arguments are BORING. One said: (words to 
the  effect):
"Note that I'm not teaching the PHILOSOPHICAL claims of Spider Man. I'm  
USING Spider Man to illustrate the good old philosophical problems". So it's  
like Palma's Bullshit and philosophy all over again.
------ I never read "Spider Man" nor I think I'll read it. The BBC essay  
was mainly about cartoons.
I do think cartoons ARE the way to go to illustrate "implicature".
Philosophy at large, I don't know. One interviewee mentioned, words to the  
effect, "What I do is analytic philosophy; and surely what examples I use 
is  recherche. I just use Spider Man to pose a philosophical question."
The authors interviewed -- all members of the philosophy dept. faculty --  
were keen to distinguish their approach with that of 'cultural studies'. 
They  were just doing 'philosophy' using  examples other than Descartes's  
"Metaphysical Meditations" and such.
---- I think the BBC essay is "Canadian" based. It would be ridiculous to  
take that BBC essay seriously in OXFORD -- where "Grice" rules!
Speranza Bordighera

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