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 >One more case of the best immigrant minds preferring the U.S.
>to continental Europe.

She probably can't stay in the Netherlands as she's an illegal
See paras 1-5 of the story at the link I posted.
Here are paras 3-5:

bbc>The furore follows a television documentary about
bbc>falsifications in her asylum application when she came
bbc> to the Netherlands in 1992.

bbc>Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk has said that in
bbc> her view Ms Hirsi Ali's lies about her name and age
bbc>make her Dutch citizenship - granted in 1997 - invalid.

bbc>The MP has now announced her resignation from parliament
bbc>and is to leave the country, "saddened but relieved".

and see, later in the story at the link I posted

bbc>The revelations in the TV documentary Zembla that she lied
bbc>about her  name, age and how she had reached the
bbc>Netherlands when applying for asylum in 1992 were nothing

bbc>Ms Hirsi Ali has admitted the falsification in several media
bbc>interviews since 2002 and also informed her party, the
bbc>liberal-conservative VVD, before standing for parliament in

bbc>But where the documentary seems to have hit her reputation
bbc>hardest is in interviewing members of her family who
bbc> her claim that she was fleeing a forced marriage when
bbc>she arrived in the Netherlands aged 22.

bbc>Relatives, including her brother, are filmed in a comfortable
bbc> home in Kenya saying there was no arranged marriage and that
bbc>she had had nothing to fear.

bbc>The MP has previously explained not giving her real name,
bbc>Ayaan Hirsi Magan, and saying she was born in 1967, not
bbc>1969, because she was afraid her family would find her.

bbc>She also told officials she had come directly from Somalia,
bbc>rather than via Kenya and Germany, thus accelerating her
bbc>claim for asylum.

I hope the story's clear now

Judy Evans, Cardiff
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