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The  custom of wearing grass skirts began during this
period. The first grass  skirts were brought then to Hawaii from the Samoa

Talking of Australasian mythography, I was reading "The Tarnished Crown"  
yesterday, by A. Holden:
"In the remote Pacific islands of the New Hebrides, there is a 200-strong  
native tribe called the Iounhanans who worship Prince Philip [Duke of 
 husband to the Queen of the UK] as their god. A signed photograph he once 
sent  them is now the centre-piece of an altar before which they prostrate 
themselves.  One day, they believe, Philip will come to live among them and 
over them,  blessed with the power of healing.. The closest their Messiah has 
come to  fulfilling this prophecy was in 1974, when he sailed straight past 
their island  with his wife in her yacht Britannia, on their way elsewhere." 


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