[lit-ideas] Auden-Isherwood/Britten

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  • Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 14:50:27 EST

It sounds to me like it may be one of those  early Auden/Isherwood play 
collaborations set to music by Benjamin Britten --  the satire -- and drama -- 
it all? Will check.

"Does anyone know the name of a W. H. Auden  poem about leaders meeting in a 
villa retreat and making decisions in that  safe and privileged atmosphere 
that will rain death down on  cities? I've looked through many of Auden's 
collected works, but can't  find it. I can't remember more than what I've just 
unfortunately.  I'm 98% positive it exists out there in the world of print. If 
it rings  a bell, please let me know."

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