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  • Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 17:38:06 -0400

>>Or are all erogenous zones or fetishes by definition 'extensions' of the sexual organs? (E.g., must one with a rubber fetish wash dishes during Ramadan bare-handed?)

There are Islamic Web sites that will forward your questions to a bunch of bearded guys who know only one book. They will answer these questions once and for all time, and you won't have to think about them again.

As we know from _Reading Lolita in Tehran_, Ayatollah Khomenei did say it was okay to have sex with a chicken in order to stay sexually pure. You could even sell the chicken to a neighbor who lived several houses away. Yet you could not cook and eat the chicken yourself. So if you had an erotic fetish about selling things you had sex with, it would be okay as long as you chose the buyer carefully.

DISCLAIMER: One feels obliged to assure the Lit-Ideas readership that the pronoun 'you' and the noun 'chicken' are here used 'impersonally' and any correspondence between the contents of the above posting and the activities or proclivities of actual persons, living or dead, except for the Ayatollah, is purely coincidental (i.e., *not* deliberate).

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