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thanks for those memories, Andy.

I know it's not the same thing but I used to live on 7th street b/w 1st
and 2nd aves, a nice mix of orthodox ukraines and catholic poles.  There
was this great Ukranian religious edifice almost directly across the
street from McSorley's, arguably one of the oldest pubs in NYC.  I
remember many a Sunday morning standing between the two thinking to
myself which door do I go for Gene, the religious severity or the double
half pints?  Masturbation or fasting?  Oddly, I always went for the half

One of the underrated things about fasting is the feast.

I think it could be argued that masturbation is fasting in a sense.  In
fact, masturbation could be considered prevention.  Nevermind, I'm
losing the plot.  Certainly it's wasted sperm.  Sperm that could be used
to create little four year olds you could strap a fake pack of
explosives to and take photos of.  

I'm sorry, I just can't get past this fasting and masturbation

and just so you know, Andy - when I typed thanks for those memories, I
wasn't being sarcastic - you made me remember a few years I thought I'd
already forgotten.  Ta.

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> > Why don't Christians fast?
> >
> Christians do fast.  Some Christians do, anyway.  Russian Orthodox
> Christians (me, once upon a time) fast in the weeks leading up to Easter. 
> I don't remember exactly anymore (been an atheist since about 19 and my
> family of origin is nearly gone) but Easter is a real big deal in the
> Russian Orthodox Church Overseas (that's the name of it, an offshoot of
> the
> one in the SU that was banned, for the diaspora; it's got its own
> Metropolitan outside of Russia, but it's exactly the same religion).  The
> fast is rather strict if done correctly, no meat, no fish, no chicken, no
> dairy (I believe) for about six weeks.  Needless to say most people don't
> adhere to it, at least we didn't.  The week before Easter everyone cooks
> and cleans furiously.   The cooking is at feast levels.  Holy Saturday is
> very somber and I think you're not supposed to eat on Saturday at all.  A
> basket is put together of all the goodies and taken to church and after a
> marathon 4-hour service that begins at midnight (even though people
> arrive
> earlier; the church is mobbed) and ends at 4:00 am, the baskets of food
> are
> blessed and you go home and you eat.  When we were kids it was fun, we'd
> hang out in the church yard.  We all knew Russian fluently.  Most people
> didn't make it to the end.  The church would be pretty empty by 4:00
> a.m.. 
> Now it's all different.  The older people I grew up with are gone, and
> mostly everything is in English.  It's no fun anymore.  American Easter
> is
> a nonevent.  A chocolate bunny is Easter?  Orthodox Christmas is like
> American Easter, a big nothing, where American Christmas is like Russian
> Easter, a huge deal.  Everybody's Christian on Christmas I guess.  
> Mike, do Catholics fast?  No meat on Fridays, but that's not really
> fasting.   Protestants seem so bland to me.  Except maybe the Puritans
> when
> they burned the witches.
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