[lit-ideas] Aretaics -- Who Needs It?

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[f. Gr.  virtue; cf. spondaic.]  

1865 J. GROTE Moral Ideas i. (1876) 1 [In] Moral Philosophy there are two  
sciences..the science of virtue, Aretaics..the science of happiness,  
1623 COCKERAM Aretalogon [sic], a vaunter of his owne vertues. 1656 BLOUNT  
Glossogr., Aretaloger, one that braggs or boasts of vertue in himself, a 
talking  fellow, a lyer.

1887 W. CORY Lett. & Jrnls. (1897) 525 The  aretalogical succession is that 
traced back to the Scipio and Regulus of Cicero,  Livy, and Horace. 1912 J. 
S. PHILLIMORE tr. Philostr. Apollon. I. p. xiii, A  life, or rather an 
edifying Aretalogy, of Pythagoras. 1925 W. R. HALLIDAY Pagan  Background vi. 
The aretalogy, which narrates the miraculous acts of some  thaumaturge.

aretology: ‘That part of moral philosophy that treats of virtue.’ Bailey  

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