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Jlsperanza writes:
So we say, 'p & q' is a  tautology.

------ The mechanism behind is not as simple and involves  premise and 
conclusion, and metalogical symbol, 'therefore' or  _ergo_.

The premises are "p" and "q", and "p & q" is the conclusion.  


Another cup of coffee. Urgent.

I think I was  meaning,

"p & q iff q & p" is a  tautology.


The rest of the post has to be understood as  referring to the tautological 
character of the commutativity of  '&'.

A case to consider, which does not work is "Russell and  Whitehead wrote 
the Principia Mathematica". It's ALWAYS, as per first page of  first edition, 
"Whitehead and Russell wrote the Principia Mathematica". The  order of 
authors is not commutative.


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