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Here is an outline of clickable links at: http://www.anthraxandalqaeda.com/

Quite a cottage industry developing on this while the FBI remains silently on the case.


I. Poison In The Hearts Of Green Birds

II. Means: Al Qaeda's Biochem Program Codenamed Yogurt

a. Al Qaeda Fall 2001 Claim (First Released in 2006) That US-Based Operatives Who Had Gained Access to US Government and Intelligence Information Had Been Green-Lighted On Biological Attack

b. Vanguards of Conquest and Zawahiri's Quest to Weaponize Anthrax

c. Assistance of Abdur Rauf in 1999 and 2000

d. Hambali and the Role of Anthrax Lab Technician Yazid Sufaat

e. Khalid Mohammed's Laptop: the Anthrax Production Documents

f.  October 2001 Rendition of Karachi Microbiology Student

g. Association of Various Scientists and Doctors with Senior Al Qaeda Operatives

h. Access to the Ames Strain

i. Canadian September 2001 Report: "Risk Assessment of Anthrax Threat Letters"

j. Atta, Prague, and the Alleged Iraq Connection

k. 2001 Inquiries About Crop dusters and Helicopters

l. The Sheik Who In 2001 Attended Microbiology Grad School At George Mason University And Did Scientific Mathematical Research Relating to Genome Sequencing For The Navy

m. Hijacker Ahmed's Blackened Leg Lesion and Atta's Red Hands

n. Jafar The Pilot

III. Motive: Reason Senators Leahy and Daschle and the Media Were Targeted

a. Profile of an Angry Man: Ayman

b. FBI's Profile of the Amerithrax Perp

c. Historical Significance of the Mailing Dates to Zawahiri :

Camp David Accord and the Assassination of Anwar Sadat

d. "Leahy Law" and Appropriations to Military and Security Units

e. Zawahiri's View of the "Lies" of the Secular Media

f. Retaliation for Detention of the Blind Sheikh and Other Detainees

g. The British Militant Islamists and Egypt's "Call to Combat Terrorism"

h. Canadian Detainees: Guilt By Association

IV. Modus Operandi: Pouring Musk on Barren Land

a. Egyptian Islamic Jihad MO: Targeted Assassination of Individuals in Symbolic Positions

b. Zawahiri's Victory in the EIJ Internal Debate Over Whether to Focus on US or Egyptian Targets

c. Egyptian Islamists' Earlier WTC Letter Bombs to Washington, DC and New York City Newspapers and Symbolic Targets

d. Requirement Under the Laws of Jihad of Warning Before Use Of Biochemical Weapons

e. Continuing Practice of Sending Poisonous Letters as Threats

f. Use of Code: Jennifer Lopez Letter and Atta's Jenny Code

g. Use of Code: "School"

h. Use of Code: "In the Hearts of Green Birds" (Inside Green Birds)

i. Use of Code: Possible Allusion to Both Atta and Genomic Sequencing of the Ames Strain

V. Opportunity: Tracking Potential Al Qaeda or Egyptian Islamic Jihad or Islamic Group Supporters

a. Know Not Just Your Enemy, But Who He Knew: Zawahiri's Travels Abroad And To The US

b. Charity Is As Charity Does: The Blind Sheik Followers Who Saw No Evil

c. Egyptian Scientist In The Library Researching Contaminants in Drinking Water

d. Boston Cabbies Who Got Around

e. Alleged Sympathizer Who Was A HVAC Technician at Lawrence Livermore Lab

f Man From Buffalo Worth $5 Million

g Syracuse Charity Case and "Operation Imminent Horizon"

h. Astonishing Aafia: Houston, We May Have A Problem

i. Aafia at Brandeis: Truth - Even Unto Its Innermost Parts

j. Hoax Letters That May Fly As Real Thing

k. Grapes of Wrath

l. The Proving Ground: Bringing It Home

m. "Was Abderraouf Jdey the Anthrax Mailer?"

n. The Threat Looming On The Horizon: The Black Winds of Death

o. No Place to Hide


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