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Snoopy?  Curious George?  CNN?
Julie Krueger

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> Would anyone like anything to  read?

Yes!!!  As long as it doesn't require thought.  Doesn't  touch on politics. 
Doesn't contain metaphors.  Doesn't conflict with my  prejudices.  Doesn't 
claim to explain 'string theory'.  Doesn't  quote anything in any language 
but English.  Doesn't drip with  misanthropy.  Doesn't purport to be a 
'knock, knock' joke: as in :  "Toc, toc! Qui va la?  Alan.  Alan qui?  Alons 
enfant de la  patrie." -- terrible, terrible.  Don't do that, please.  Gossip 
is  good.  I'd like to read some gossip about people on this list.  Send  

Mike Geary

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