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One will see in this complex investigation and confusion of reports,
claims, and counter-claims the picture one wishes to see. There's enough alleged
evidence to draw many pictures. Eric wants to draw the one in which al-Quaeda
is behind it all.

> Bush recently corroborated the al-Qaeda connection.
> http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/09/20060906-3.html

'KSM also provided vital information on al Qaeda's efforts to obtain biological
weapons. During questioning, KSM admitted that he had met three individuals
involved in al Qaeda's efforts to produce [sic] anthrax, a deadly biological
agent -- and he identified one of the individuals as a terrorist named Yazid.
KSM apparently believed we already had this information, because Yazid had been
captured and taken into foreign custody before KSM's arrest. In fact, we did not
know about Yazid's role in al Qaeda's anthrax program. Information from Yazid
then helped lead to the capture of his two principal assistants in the anthrax
program. Without the [unspecified] information provided by KSM and Yazid, we
might not have uncovered this al Qaeda biological weapons program, or stopped
this al Qaeda cell from developing anthrax for attacks against the United
States.' [The final clause assumes but does not argue for the conclusion Bush
is apparently trying to establish.]

If this is meant to show that he confirmed or even implied that al-Qaeda was
responsible for the anthrax 'attacks' and mailings, it does not. It shows that
al-Qaeda was interested in acquiring anthrax and that, it had a nascent
biological weapons program.

> http://www.aim.org/media_monitor/4914_0_2_0_C/

Sheesh! Not that font of truth and enlightenment 'Accuracy in Media'!

'All kinds of false things were said about him, in the Times, the Washington
Post and most of the rest of the liberal media. The FBI's pursuit of him was so
heavy-handed that agents in a car ran over his foot as he was walking through
Georgetown in Washington, D.C. But the ACLU, supposedly a friend of those
victimized by an American police state, never came to Hatfill's defense. He
wasn't their kind of defendant because he was considered too conservative.'

Can AIM spell 'Skokie'? That a truth-seeker would include such an irrelevant
aside suggests to this tired soul that AIM has its own axe to grind. As do we
all, perhaps.

Andreas says it was the work of the US Government. Eric says it was the work of
al-Qaeda. I say, on the strength of anthrax's having been found in a Texas
cattle shed, that it was the work of some Good ol' Boy. Prove me wrong.

Robert Paul
Reed College
Reed College

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