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  • Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 19:27:33 -0400

Bush recently corroborated the al-Qaeda connection.



In fact, we now know, thanks to what the President himself revealed on September 6, that al-Qaeda had an active and extensive anthrax program.

In discussing his proposal for military commissions to try terrorists, Bush revealed that "KSM [9/11 architect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed] also provided vital information on al Qaeda's efforts to obtain biological weapons. During questioning, KSM admitted that he had met three individuals involved in al Qaeda's efforts to produce anthrax, a deadly biological agent-and he identified one of the individuals as a terrorist named Yazid. KSM apparently believed we already had this information, because Yazid had been captured and taken into foreign custody before KSM's arrest. In fact, we did not know about Yazid's role in al Qaeda's anthrax program. Information from Yazid then helped lead to the capture of his two principal assistants in the anthrax program. Without the information provided by KSM and Yazid, we might not have uncovered this al-Qaeda biological weapons program, or stopped this al-Qaeda cell from developing anthrax for attacks against the United States."

Notice the phrasing about stopping "this" al-Qaeda cell from "developing anthrax for attacks against the United States."

Was there another al-Qaeda cell that staged the post-9/11 anthrax attacks? That's what the evidence suggests. But because the FBI went on a media-generated wild goose chase after Hatfill, the case was never solved. The perpetrators either fled the country, were deported for immigration law violations, or are still here. The President may not be able to talk about it because of the Hatfill litigation and the reluctance to admit publicly that the FBI completely botched the case.

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