[lit-ideas] Re: Another Republican sex predator

  • From: "Andreas Ramos" <andreas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 17:28:01 -0700

More news.

Up to this afternoon, the Republicans thought they could just send this issue to the House Ethics Committee (which they control).

But now, House Speaker Hastert has just asked the Justice Dept to start a criminal investigation.

In a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Hastert urged the Justice Department to look into who knew about the content of any sexually explicit messages involving Foley "and what actions such individuals took, if any, to provide them to law enforcement." "I request that the scope of your investigation include any and all individuals who may have been aware of this matter -- be they members of Congress, employees of the House of Representatives or anyone outside the Congress," Hastert wrote.

Under laws that Congressman Foley helped write, soliciting sex from a minor online is a federal crime. These crimes are far outside the scope of any congressional committee, and the attorney general should open a full-scale investigation immediately.


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