[lit-ideas] Re: Anisotropic Time: It was 47 Years Ago Almost Today

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On 3-Sep-12, at 5:08 AM, David Ritchie wrote:

So here's a question. What, in the list's collective wisdom, is the least likely text in the whole wide world, to be set to music?

Since 'the mind boggles' at what texts I HAVE seen/heard set to music, I hesitate to judge.

E.g.: on the Canadian violinist Hugh Marsh's CD SHAKING THE PUMPKIN, the track 'Rules Are Made To Be Broken' contains lyrics which consist of quotations from various Nazi laws and prohibitions, especially those concerning (if my memory serves me correctly) jazz music. (I must rely on this imperfect memory as the CD was part of the collection - approx. 250 - that was stolen from my apartment in 1999).

And, wouldn't you know it, this fascinating question appears just as I am setting off for just over 2 weeks in which the list will be 'out of reach'. I guess I'll just have to check the archives on my return ...

Chris Bruce,
heading of into
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