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Or is it 'art' criticism? And how does this relate to the philosophically
recognised field of æsthetics -- from a Greek word that Cicero translated as

Snow said that there were two cultures. It may be that he was simplifying:
there is a culture of philosophy, some may say, and a culture of lit. crit.
(esp. for Eng. Lit.) -- at Oxford and elsewhere? Do these 'studies'

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lawrencehelm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes in "Harold Bloom's -- not simple

"Bloom is a critic and not a poet so he is different." "[H]ere he is [...]
with his favorites poets and poems: These that inspire in Bloom admiration
for their grandeur and beauty -- and, because Bloom is more than a little
bit of a philosopher, their sublimity."

The subject line "Harold Bloom's -- not simple philosophy" IMPLICATES, it
seems, that Bloom has one. Of course it is one thing to have a "not simple
philosophy" and yet be a philosopher. Indeed, for Helm, and I agree, Bloom
is not a little bit of a philosopher (Helm states that he is more than that
-- but this reminds me of the implicature of M. Streep, in her recent, "I'm
not a feminist; I'm a humanist" -- some would say that 'meta-linguistic'
(not logical) negation is at play here).

Bloom I don't think had much of a contact with the Yale Philosophy
Department, but then the Yale philosophy department was for a time not too
on ANALYTIC PHILOSOPHY. And I will like to explore the view of Alan Danto
and others (analytic philosophers -- and others like Mary Louise Pratt) who
have found that a literary critic (or more generally, an art critic) NEEDS
to base his studies in some sort of philosophical analysis.*

But that is not UNIVERSAL, admitted!




* Danto and Art Criticism - Contemporary Aesthetics
(http://www.contempaesthetics.org/newvolume/pages/article.php?articleID) ... -
Similarto Danto and Art Criticism - Contemporary Aesthetics
In this article I examine the relationship between Arthur Danto's
philosophy of art and his practice of art criticism. Danto has said that he ..

Pratt, M. L. -- Toward a Speech Act Theory of Literary Discourse.

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