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You, Lawrence, asked me what civil rights had been lost. I replied, and you ignored my reply.

So now you try to change it back to "militant Islam". "Wolf! Wolf! Lookie! 

That's your best argument: terrorize us. Threaten us with terrorists so you can have your race wars.


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No, no.  That isn't what we were doing.  We were talking about the threat of
the Militant Islamists and several of you presumably because you had no
arguments worth voicing decided to change the subject to something you felt
more comfortable with: Civil Rights, and so exalted the subject and
neglected the original subject.  Then you introduced this journalist who
criticized our efforts by saying that what we ought to do is something we
are already doing; so naturally I questioned his information.  You were a
little over anxious in wanting to produce a "gotcha" and got yourself.  And
now apparently you are attempting to recoup your lost face (do pacifists
worry about lost face or is that only Leftists?) by some innuendo that
clearly misses any mark I'm aware of.

I have written voluminously on the ideology of Militant Islam.  If you
missed something I'm sure the archives will help you.  But what is it you
want to know?  If I won't be repeating myself to any great extent I'll help
you out.  You seem a little off balance, but do your best.



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So you've deftly avoided the issue once again Lawrence.

There we were discussing the ideology vs experience/perception issue, and
then suddenly we're argiung about the attributes of one journo. Deft
Lawrence. Really deft.

So, just to take matters back a touch, I'll repeat the quote from your
previous post.

"Zawahiri's text is based upon Qutb, and it is going to help prepare minds
to react and take offense in accordance with what Qutb and people like
Zawahiri have prepared them for?"

React to what Lawrence? Take offense to what? If it's all ideology, if the
west is so evil, what is there to react against.

Don't be shy Lawrence.

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Were you laughing?  I guess my own laughter drowned it out.  So that's your
answer: He doesn't live in a vacuum and knows by osmosis what everyone else
knows.  And therefore knows this thing that he apparently doesn't know,
namely that the Army Corps of Engineers continues to build and be
appreciated by the local Iraqis --  but not it would seem by your osmotic



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Don't like being laughed at Lawrence?

Anderson is an established journo writing for the New Yorker. These guys
don't live in a vacuum. They have contacts, they write books, they get paid
for it. Sure this one might not fit in with your politics, but give him some

At least he's been there. Have you?



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