[lit-ideas] Re: Amago's "Bessie the Cow" -- and Extrinsic Valuing

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On 2004/09/01, at 11:51, Jlsperanza@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Note that there is the implicit epithet that Bessie is _not_ a milk 
> cow,
> since milk cows are _not_ for eatin', and essentially every cow has a 
> right to
> be a milk cow (unlike bulls).

But, when I was a callow youth, somewhere around twelve or thirteen,  
my best friend's family had a cow named Betsy. Betsy was a lovely cow, 
of whom everyone in the family was fond. Then she dried up. No more 
milk. The next time I visited my friend, we had "Betsy burgers" for 

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