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>"Mr. Popper's Penguins" was written by Richard and Florence Atwater, in 

Exactly three years after his masterpiece, "Logik der Forschung" (Vienna:  
Julius Springer Verlag, 1935). >

Karl Popper might have used penguins instead of swans for his standard example 
of a scientific law, and representatives of the penguin community have written 
several papers complaining about his choice in this regard, but penguins' 
simultaneous black and white colouring would have led to all sorts of 
unnecessary complications. Given the difficulties someone as eminent as A.J. 
Ayer had in grasping the logic of the assymetry between the falsifiability and 
the verifiability of "All swans are white", one shudders to contemplate the 
synaptic damage Freddie might have endured trying to understand the assymetry 
in terms of a statement like "All penguins are black". 


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