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A very interesting profile, Eric.  


A couple of years ago I read Mary Anne Weaver's A Portrait of Egypt, A
Journey through the World of Militant Islam.  She is a gutsy lady --
fearless in going after a story.  I have a lot of respect for her.  On the
back cover it says, "She is not afraid to wander down dark alleys, taking us
from the pungent slums of Cairo . . . to a Saudi-funded militant
'university' near Peshawar on Pakistan's border with Afghanistan."   In
another place it says, "Mary Anne Weaver is a staff writer for The New
Yorker who has written numerous articles on the Islamic world, including
profiles of Benazir Bhutto and Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman.  She lives with her
husband in New York City."  


If she were my wife, I'd be worried sick about what she does.




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Mary Weaver's article in the Atlantic magazine, which 

Hitchens references, can be found here:





The Short, Violent Life of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi


[from page 4]


"We know Zarqawi better than he knows himself," the 

high-level Jordanian intelligence official said. "And I can 

assure you that he never had any links to Saddam. Iran is 

quite a different matter. The Iranians have a policy: they 

want to control Iraq. And part of this policy has been to 

support Zarqawi, tactically but not strategically."



"Such as?" I asked.


"In the beginning they gave him automatic weapons, uniforms, 

military equipment, when he was with the army of Ansar 

al-Islam. Now they essentially just turn a blind eye to his 

activities, and to those of al-Qaeda generally. The Iranians 

see Iraq as a fight against the Americans, and overall, 

they'll get rid of Zarqawi and all of his people once the 

Americans are out."


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