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Iraqis were cheering.  Al Zarqawi was causing them a lot of destruction. 
Iraqis are used to having bombs dropped on their heads by now anyway; might
as well put one, or two, to use.  The infrastructure for the insurgency is
pretty set up by now.  It's hard to imagine that getting rid of one person
will stop it, but we can hope.  I think they already picked a successor.  I
was pondering the underlying issues that created Zarqawi and are creating
other Zarqawis.  I don't see you addressing those issues.  I read or heard
(everything flows together after a while) that al Zarqawi was something of
an al Qaeda loose cannon.  Bin Laden was not entirely pleased with him. 
It's possible that the successor might be in tighter control by OBL.  Has
anyone heard this too? 

Regarding people in the South cheering when JFK was shot, I suspect JFK was
associated with civil rights, that's why they cheered.  I can't imagine any
other reason except maybe they didn't have their lynching quota that day
and here was a little blood they could look at.  I still wonder why Lincoln
isn't vilified for not letting the South secede.

For Lawrence, just wondering what you think of the Marines in Haditha?  A
few bad apples?  I guess what's there to think?  Were those Marines from
the South I wonder?  

Regarding music, I do prefer "German," i.e., Northern European music too. 
I heard a discussion (which I've mentioned before) that the difference
between Northern European and Southern European, i.e., Italy, is basically
that the music reflected the languages.  German has a staccato quality to
it; likewise the individual notes of its music have a discreteness to them,
where Italian music is also like its language, flowing and melodic with
lots of vowels.  I fall all over J.S. Bach and Mozart, especially J.S. I
can't comment on any other music because I don't listen to any other music.
Where Wagner fits in I have no idea.  I also like 50's music (it kind of
reminds me of Verdi; who knows what silliness Verdi is singing about, since
I don't speak Italian).  I could get into hip hop except that the lyrics
are too foul.  Hip hop started out with 'insurgency' style lyrics against
the 'establishment' and then just got grotesque.  I don't understand its
popularity, it's really popular among white boys especially, except that it
proves there's a lot of anger in the world that feeds on itself.

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> >
> >   How would you have felt about the United States , if you were in your 
> > home watching TV, in your back yard bar-b-quing, or , for that matter
> > your beds making love and have them drop 2 --500 pound bombs on your
> > door neighbor?
> >
> >    Joseph Wells
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