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Mike you need to calm down..... little bush killed hundreds of thousands of people . he's a murderer..but, he has convinced the world at large that it was because of something saddamm did. right now they are trying saddaam for not the reasons little bush invaded his country. we as lemmings will follow and not question .

little bush can kill, he can send his bombs , and, its okay,
us lemmings will agree, because sadam was not a nice man, now , Mike , that they have killed this man, they will submit another man's name, and we shall hate him too.. because we as , good lemmings , shall follow. so mike
memorize your lines and move as directed!!!!!

we are bush lemmings, he say they are bad, and keep in mind
Americans have only lost 2,000, but the iraqi's have lost 200,000.....we are winning!

Joseph wells

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