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My last post today.

In a message dated  4/19/2011 12:15:49 P.M., donalmcevoyuk@xxxxxxxxxxx 
quotes from  Hintikka

"For Hintikka, it is a  theorem: 
> If S knows that  p, S knows that he knows that  p.

and asks:

>Where does  this get us though?

To symbolism.

Hintikka's theorem,  controversial as it may look, is easy enough to 

K(A, p) -->  K(A, K(A, p))

With 'ignorance' it's a trick

The existence of a  correlate to Hintikka's theorem in epistemic logic may 
have a reverse in  Agnotologics. Or not.

~K(A,p) --> ~K(A, ~K(A,p)).

Cfr.  Geary, "I ignore what I'm ignorant of".


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