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Well, in honor of Mike's new grand-daughter, here's something to think 
about-Sesame Street and the Muppets!

Oh, and maybe we should compile a list of books for newborns for Mike?  What 
did/do you read to your own children-in-your-life or have read to you when you 
were little that had an impact on your life?  

Marlena in Missouri

Muppets Come to Afganistan's Rescue
The famous puppets of "Sesame Street" will help
Afghanistan's children overcome their country's
traumatic past, starring in videos to be shown in
schools recovering from Taliban rule and decades
of war.  The first of 400 education kits, with
specially adapted programs featuring Big Bird and
other characters, have been given to Afghan
authorities, officials said.  "We need our
children to have their eyes and their minds opened
to new ideas," said Sekander Giyam, an adviser to
the Afghan minister of education.  The Afghan
government and aid groups are to distribute the
kits to schools, orphanages and TV stations across
the country, according to the Rand Corporation, a
U.S.-based think tank helping organize the project
with financial backing from Qatar.  The "Sesame
Street" videos will "foster awareness of other
cultures, highlight opportunities for girls and
women, and increase student interest in education
and career opportunities," Rand said.
(<http://tv.yahoo.com> 4/30/04)
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