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On Oct 23, 2007, at 9:38 PM, Mike Geary wrote:

You haven't been following the news. Start with a quick Google search
for "appendix useful after all"....<<

There was a character in Pogo, a groundhog as I remember, who would take his offspring on outing and tell him very erroneous things about the world they encountered. In one of the strips in which he appeared, probably more than one, probably in most in which he appeared, someone would correct him whereupon he would take his cane after the corrector, shouting: "How dare you destroy a boy's faith in his father." I feel the same way.

And this is when Stephen Straker, our resident POGO expert, would normally be called upon to spill the details and quote some line from Churchy la Femme or Seminole Sam or to recount a bit of wisdom on why the "plural of man is woman." But since he has left the building it falls to me to mention that I am not well versed in swamp lore but to my collection of "How to Run a Bassoon Factory for Business and Pleasure," which consists of vols one, and one, I have now added H. Allen Smith, "Life in a Putty Knife Factory," which begins with a "partial dedication," "ten percent of this book is dedicated to Harold Matson." Resistance is useless.

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