[lit-ideas] A request for a common courtesy

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  • Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 11:44:07 +0200

It has been reported to me that not only has discussion about what I possibly could have meant by my (oft-quoted, it seems) outbursts of exasperation prior to my leaving the list continued, remarks about my character (something about me being a 'victim' type - those who know me can 'go figure') have been posted, and my name is continually being attached to remarks (about, among other things, the German language) to which I would most certainly not assent.

As I am no longer subscribed to this list (except for this brief interlude during which I have re-subscribed just long enough to post this note), I respectfully request that my name not be attached to remarks to which I have no opportunity to respond.

I deeply regret the loss of this vehicle for discussion and debate. And I do apologize to any list member genuinely shocked or troubled by my outburst. But it has long been a principle of mine to engage in dialogue only conducted in 'good faith', and one of my criteria for such (yes, you can simply label it as idiosyncratic and pass over it) is adherence to a set of rules respected by all.

The set of guidelines found at the address which is found at the bottom of every posting to this list is not arbitrary or unfair. It has arisen from years of experience in moderating and maintaining discussion lists such as Literature & Ideas. It is neither hard to understand nor difficult to follow.

But I digress. I have left this list. Please do me the simple courtesy of politely ignoring my (yes, impolite, but) uncharacteristic outbursts of frustration. May you long continue in your challenging, engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining conversation. But please leave my name out of it.

Chris Bruce,
in Kiel, Germany

P.S. Schumann's 'Mondnacht' as performed by violist Nils Mönkemeyer and pianist Nicholas Rimmer (track 14 on Mönkmeyer's Sony CD "Ohne Worte") - sublime. And Schubert's 'Du bist die Ruh' (track 19 on the same recording) - so achingly beautiful that it breaks my heart ....

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