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Of the small handful of philosophers I've managed to read first hand, Rorty is 
my favorite.  I find greater kinship with his thought than any other I know.  I 
understand what he's saying, but I confess I like reading Heidegger the most.  
I have no idea if I understand a single word he writes in the way he intended 
it to be taken, but so what? it's so gobbledy-gooky that I can turn it into 
poetry without effort -- especially the essays "The Origin of the Work of Art", 
"What Are Poets For?", "Building Dwelling Thinking", "...Poetrically Man 
Dwells" --  "Remembrance Of the Poet", Holderlin And the Essense Of Poetry and 
"What Is Metaphysics".  I'm willing to bet that an explication of any one of 
those essays by me would be met with consternation by any professional 
philosopher.  But so what?  I enjoy making of them what I want.  Rorty on the 
otherhand makes sense to me and thus limits his usage to me.

Mike Geary

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  Does anyone [here] care that Richard Rorty died?

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