[lit-ideas] Re: A 'hermeneutic' circle

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On 7-Jul-12, at 10:48 AM, I wrote:

"The company was founded in 1783, by James Man, a barrel maker. The following year the company secured the contract to supply the Royal Navy with the rum for its daily ?rum tot?, a tradition under which all sailors were allocated a daily ration of rum. (This tradition continued until 1970, with Man holding the contract throughout the entire period."

All very interesting (especially the - no doubt - extremely lucrative 183-year-long contract) ...

Of course that should read "187-year-long contract" - assuming the "until" means "up to and including".

(By the way, the quotation about 'Man' is from the Wikipedia entry for that firm.)

Chris Bruce,
taking THAT long to count it
out on his fingers and toes,
and giving credit where
credit is due, in
Kiel, Germany
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