[lit-ideas] Re: A Very Merry Unbirthday

  • From: Ursula Stange <Ursula@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2004 11:54:46 -0400

Thanks, Erin.   So this is what I missed by getting married at eighteen 
and not going to university until in my thirties.  

But you've inspired me to tell one very early story on myself.  I was 
seventeen and somewhat newly engaged and my then-boyfriend (now-husband) 
invited me to a party at his apartment (he was attending Loyola 
University in Chicago) to meet his friends.   A good time was had by all 
--  the food, the drinks, the music all available in copious quantities 
(a few other substances as well, I'm sure).  Not liking the taste of 
alcohol, I was drinking vodka and orange juice. This was my first 
encounter with alcohol except for accidentally sipping my fathers New 
Year's eggnog when I was twelve.   I drank quickly and I drank lots.   
Ken's friends teased him about my drinking him under the table.   
Eventually, it all caught up with me and I was very drunk indeed.   Ken 
had to deliver me back to my parents so he encouraged me (with warm salt 
water even) to be sick.  But nothing.  I won't belabour the rest of the 
story, but I learned my lesson.  I didn't drink orange juice again for 
twelve years!


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