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Quick response.  Must get back to this morphology business.  Apparently I'm
rather behind

1) Natalie thanks you

2) No.  I asked to watch the season finale of Malcolm in the Middle there
(the only show I watch) and they refused me.  Refused me!  "This is a bar",
they said.  Yeah? So?  There was no game on, so what the hell is wrong with
Malcolm in the Middle?  Bastards.

3) Forget teaching Jay how to give the finger correctly.  I'm all for
getting rid of Jay entirely.  He represents a strange phenomenon, mind you.
Normally I find that people start looking better as intoxication levels
rise.  Jay, however, is an individual who manages to look _worse_ the
drunker you get.  It's all very strange.

4) I have no idea what Carrie had to say, but I'm sure it was insightful.

5) What goes in the ring?  Beats me.  Air?

6) No, Errol is not in a band, but he has excellent musical taste.  The last
show we went to was the Stereophonics, and he is the only other person I
know who likes Phantom Planet.

P.S.  Hey, Mike, it looks like Nellie McKay is doing a show here, at Lee's
Palace on June 30th.

7) Well, I'll tell you.  Errol and I went to Oasis one night for pitchers of
sangria.  The bathroom designators were either a picture of briefs (for the
guys) or a thong (for the fems).  Errol decided that It was only proper I
should own the picture of the briefs, so he stole it off the bathroom door
and we took a bunch of fun pictures by his car in the parking lot at Finch
subway station.

8) You said it.

9) It's a good thing the pyramid didn't work then, innit?

10) You know, I noticed that, and decided it would be best to overlook it
entirely.  So we're just going to leave that one alone.  I'm sure she'd be
thrilled to know that these photos were broadcast over the vastness of cyber
space.  That's what she gets for not giving me my share of the Niagara Falls
New Years pictures.  And, frankly, the shot could have been a lot worse.
That's me, the eternal optimist.

11) Dionusos otherwise known as Dionysus.  C'mon, Paul, Dionysus knows all
about my drinking habits =)  The other tattoo, I'll have you know, is _not_
an ice cream cone.  It is also not a microphone, nor is it the "symbol for a
death metal band".  Hell, I don't even know who came up with _that_ one.
It's Sisyphus, damn it.  SISYPHUS.

Okay, I need to get some work done.

Glad you were amused.


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> Some comments/questions:
> 1) It IS very true that "Canadian Girls Kick Ass"
> 2) Do you always demand to have the channel clicker at a bar?
> 3) You should teach "Jay" how to give the finger correctly
> 4) What did Carrie have to say?
> 5) What goes in that ring on your collar?
> 6) Is Errol in a band?
> 7) I won't ask about the men's briefs
> 8) Grolsch king cans RULE!
> 9) Pyramids went out of style in the early1980s
> 10) Is Danielle a plumber or a fridge repairman?
> 11) Who is "Dionusus" and does he know that you drink so much?
> All in all, looked like a good time. Probably why I stayed in school for
> years.
> Paul
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