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  • Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 16:17:58 -0800

Andreas wrote:

It's not easy to use a rifle scope. You have to consider the distance, the bullet's trajectory, and where it will be at that point in its trajectory. If you imagine a straight line from the gun to the target, bullets rise above the line, eventually cross the line, and then drop below the line. The rifle has be held perfectly still at the moment of firing.

It takes quite a bit of practice to hit a target and much more practice to hit near the center of the target. And that's for a fixed target.

You're thinking perhaps of sniper fire, where a scope is used and the target is far away and stationary. In ordinary practice on a firing range (again at stationary targets) telescopic sights aren't used (unless people are being specially trained in the use of them). A twelve year old kid could learn to fire an M-16 (the common individual weapon in Iraq) in a couple of hours. An M-16 is a light weapon, effective when fired in short bursts. One would, I think, seldom have the luxury of holding a weapon perfectly still while firing it at stationary targets, etc., in the conditions that prevail in Iraq

The problem with our 'friendly' Iraqi troops can't be that they're unable to fire a modern rifle. This is just silly.

Robert Paul
Reed College
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