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Okay. _Writeforu2@xxxxxxxxxxx's_ (mailto:Writeforu2@xxxxxxxxxxx's)  reposting 
my  post allows me to correct a typo. 
'Mauschwitz' should read 'Maschwitz', of course.
> D.  Ritchie:
> >when you turn'd and smiled at me,
> >A flannel  wrap, or someone who  cared,
> >sang in Berk'ley Square
>  Exactly. Or a _Luscinia megarhynchos_, if you must (Incidentally --  to
> roughly --, Mauschwitz is my favourite lyricist _ever_.).  Cheers,
> JL

"Eric Maschwitz was born in Edgbaston, a suburb of Birmingham, on 10 June  
1901, into a family that came from Lithuania. He was educated at Repton School, 
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. His theatrical inspirations were 
obvious:  at Repton he had already written a three-act play about an entire 
that  died from venereal disease. His career was to be based on rather more 
innocent  fare. ...
"For the 1940 revue New Faces, Maschwitz notably wrote the lyric for 'A  
Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square'; Manning Sherwin's melody helped to  
establish the song as a sentimental favourite of the war  years."

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