[lit-ideas] 9/11, bad haircuts, and Sayyid Qutb

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"In the decades since Sayyid Qutb's death, the ideas he espoused (including a utopian view of sharia law, an inflexible opposition to Western culture and values, and the advocacy Islamic theocracy as the only legitimate state) have been combined with puritanical Saudi Wahhabist ideals to influence the rise of militant groups such as Islamic Jihad and al-Qaida. Scholars don't agree on whether or not Qutb would have approved of al-Qaida's tactics, but it's safe to conclude that he shared their dream of toppling secular governments and setting up theocratic, anti-Western regimes across the Muslim world.

However, considering that Qutb's rejection of Western values and modernity was informed by such a willfully cartoonish misinterpretation of American culture..."

http://www.vagablogging.net/06-11/from-the-october-2006-issue-of-the- believer.html

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