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<<We have an election to win.>>
From your mouth to God's ears.  Re. Putin, Jim suggests in a few years 
everything we buy will be made in Russia, now.
Julie Krueger

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> What are your thoughts re. the contents of this, John?:
> http://www.truthout.org/docs_04/061904A.shtml

(1) There was a major clusterfuck. (That, in itself, is not too 
surprising, given what I said in my previous message.)
(2) In part, we are dealing with a common historical phenomenon: The 
generals are ready to fight the last war and stunned by something new. 
NORAD was designed to defend the US from Russian bomber attacks in case 
the Cold War turned hot. The end of the Cold War has predictably led to 
slackening morale and confusion over what the next mission is.
(3) That said, there is a growing body of evidence that similar attacks 
had been anticipated, most notably in Tom Clancy's _Debt of Honor_, 
where the Japanese protagonist crashes a plane into the Capitol. Thus, 
claims that this sort of thing was unthinkable are nonsense.
(4) There is also a growing body of evidence that the Bush 
administration blew off warnings about  an impending Al Qaeda attack on 
America, despite the efforts of people like Richard Clark and George 
Tenet to warn them. They were blinded by their obsolete Cold War vision 
of national security as primarily a matter of state to state relations 
and their determination to attack Iraq.
(5) Add the principle that, even if the Captain isn't on watch he is 
responsible for the safety of the ship and is liable to court martial 
if something bad happens.... And sloppiness and incompetence don't 
mitigate the responsibility.
(6) Add a commander-in-chief who was never taught that "The buck stops 
here." Daddy's friends were always there to get him off the hook and 
clean up his mistakes.

We have an election to win.

P.S. I am about to hop on a train to Narita Airport, where I will catch 
a plane to San Diego to see my daughter. That's the first leg of a trip 
that will include a stop at my Dad's place in Virginia before going on 
to Boston for a pre-National Convention Meeting of the Association of 
State Democratic Chairs. Please understand if my response to e-mail is 
spotty until I get back to Japan (6/28).

John L. McCreery
International Vice Chair, Democrats Abroad

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>>Life isn't fair. Democracy should be. <<

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