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A slight variation on the theme. Others please join in.

You know you were born in the 50s when ...

1. You have boxes of LPs and singles records in your basement. (For many years
your children shied away from having friends over to the house lest they saw
that you still own a turntable.)
2. You know exactly where you were when Paul Henderson scored the winning goal.
3. You know who Paul Henderson is.
4. You know why *The Naked City* has so many people outside on the streets of
5. You know the name of the rock group that later came to be called "The
6. The *Guess Who* played at your high school prom (instead of the band you
7. You remember making jokes like: "I just can't understand women these days.
First they burn their bras and then they ask for support." And thinking you
were really politically astute.
8. You couldn't wait for the next Ed Sullivan show.
9. You remember the names of the major actors in *Danger Man*, *Have Gun Will
Travel* and *Bonanza*
10. You can remember the plots of all episodes of *The Andy Griffith Show*.
11. You know what the "KGB" means in Russian.
12. You know that Nikita Kruschev was a real person.
13. You believe "milkmen" delivered bottles of milk to the front doors of
people's houses. And that horses were involved in the deliveries.
14. You know the titles of every film made by Alfred Hitchcock.
15. You can remember that popsicles were 5 cents each, comics were a dime, and
with a quarter you could stock up on blackballs, bubblegum and chocolate bars
for the next week.
16. You can remember that you rarely ever had a whole quarter.
17. You still don't know what's wrong with calling people "Indians" and
18. You still don't have a cellphone.
19. You have a daughter or son  that can't understand how you get through the
day without a cellphone.
20. You are able to differentiate between Giancarlo Giannini and that other guy
that everybody confuses with Dustin Hoffman.
21. You recall the astronomical event that started "The Critical Thinking
Movement" in the schools in Canada and the U.S.
22. You know that John Venn was not an astronaut. And you can prove the
validity/invalidity of categorical syllogisms using the diagrams.
23. You still believe the idea of a liberal education is a good one.
24. You believe universities are places where people are able to pursue truth
and rightness without interference by politicians or pharmaceuticals.
25. You know the names of The Three Stooges.
26. You remember how many people were in Dave Clark's Band and the name of the
27. You know what the names "Underwood" and a "Royal" refer to.
28. You can remember what position Jean Beliveau played. And you once believed
that only sissies wore helmets on the ice.
29. You remember when it took all your strength to pick up the receiver of that
big black phone in the hallway.
30. You remember that computers inhabited huge rooms and you had to stick cards
with holes in them to get them to do anything.
31. Youre still attracted to women who look and move like Grace Kelly or Lauren
32. You've seen *Casablanca* at least 64 times and *The Sound of Music* 38
33. You have trouble striking up relationships with women who wear high heels or
furs because they remind you of your mother.
34. You remember that your mother spent most of her time at home taking care of
you and the house.
35. You're still not a critical consumer at the grocery store and you don't
the time to become one.
36. You smoke.
37. You remember that women were not allowed into poolhalls.
38. You regret that women are now allowed into poolhalls. And you insist that
there must be a poolhall still around somewhere.
39. You believe that investing in General Electric, and Johnson and Johnson's
is a risky bet.
40. You know the words to almost all of Bob Dylan's songs. 
41. You still hold doors open for women ... even in Korea.
42. You remember there were only 2 options when it came to buying running shoes:
white or white and black.
43. You remember that popsicles only came in orange.
44. You actually did wait on the corner waiting for the Orange Crush truck.
45. You remember your father's Buick to be about the size of a Sherman tank.
46. You can appreciate a film in black and white.
47. Your lexicon differentiates betwen a "film" and a "movie."
48. OK folks, carry it on from here yourselves ...

Quoting Erin Holder <erin.holder@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> You know you were born in the 80s when you still own...
> http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=9QbuG7Vu2ZjM
> (Better to look at the thumbnails.  Pics were taking with a webcam and  
> the full size images are grainy)
> Erin
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