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> I don't really understand what is wrong with a web
> page, the time it takes to download 500 pictures is
> irrelevant as they are only looked at one at a time.
> While you are it, why not let the viewers add titles?

The astronomers were on the same issue. As jpgs, my photos images are about
130 KB each. At 550 pixs, that's 71 MB. If I put all of that on the web and
invite people to see it, and if 100 people see the pages, that's 7,000 MB
(roughly, 7 GB) of file transfer. I'd have to pay extra for that amount of
file transfer.

My personal newsletter goes out to some 4,000 people and my extended
family's newsletter has several hundred people. Some 50,000 people per month
visit my website. So it's very likely a few hundred people would look at the

That's the problem with putting the pixs on the web. The download time isn't
the problem. It's the data transfer fees. (The original images are in png
format, and these are 1.3 MB each, or somewhat over 900 MB. They require two

At the moment, the best solution is to put the pixs on a CD (about five
cents) and send it by postal mail (37 cents for the stamp). Regrettably,
this means only a few dozen people will see the pixs (I won't make more

As the astronomers pointed out, it's cheaper and easier to send data by
older methods. With the massive increase in data, we're getting into an area
where we have too much data and no simple transfer methods.

Julie told us a few days ago about a virtual church. They're offline now:
40,000 people visited on one day. That meant 40,000 downloads of the code,
and now the church has a huge file transfer bill.


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