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  • From: Teemu Pyyluoma <teme17@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 05:11:58 -0700 (PDT)

I don't really understand what is wrong with a web
page, the time it takes to download 500 pictures is
irrelevant as they are only looked at one at a time.
While you are it, why not let the viewers add titles?

But if this will not do, how about following John
Gray's (database researcher) sneaker steps, from an
Interview at

Jim Gray: I've been working with a bunch of
astronomers lately and we need to send around huge
databases. I started writing my databases to disk and
mailing the disks. At first, I was extremely cautious
because everybody said I couldn't do that?that the
disks are too fragile. I started out by putting the
disks in foam. After mailing about 20 of them, I tried
just putting them in bubble wrap in a FedEx envelope.

[...]Another option is to send whole computers. I've
been sending NTFS disks (the Windows file system
format), and not every Linux system can read NTFS. So
lately I'm sending complete computers. We're now into
the 2-terabyte realm, so we can't actually send a
single disk; we need to send a bunch of disks. It's
convenient to send them packaged inside a metal box
that just happens to have a processor in it. I know
this sounds crazy?but you get an NFS or CIFS server
and most people can just plug the thing into the wall
and into the network and then copy the data.


DAVE PATTERSON "Sneaker net" was when you used your
sneakers to transport data?

JG In the old days, sneaker net was the notion that
you would pull out floppy disks, run across the room
in your sneakers, and plug the floppy into another
machine. This is just TeraScale SneakerNet.


DP Wouldn't it be a lot less hassle to use the

JG It's cheaper to send the machine. The phone bill,
at the rate Microsoft pays, is about $1 per gigabyte
sent and about $1 per gigabyte received?about $2,000
per terabyte. It's the same hassle for me whether I
send it via the Internet or an overnight package with
a computer. I have to copy the files to a server in
any case. The extra step is putting the SneakerNet in
a cardboard box and slapping a UPS label on it. I have
gotten fairly good at that.

Tape media is about $3,000 a terabyte. This media, in
packaged SneakerNet form, is about $1,500 a terabyte. 

<end quote> 

So to implement Granma Operated Digital Image
Appliance (GODIA) follow these steps:
(1) Get a used laptop, any will do, up to the point
that how ever has it will pay you to take it away.
(2) Set it up so that a full screen browser, image
viewing app, PowerPoint, etc. opens up after boot with
the file(s) containing your pictures.
(3) Interface: right arrow/next picture, left arrow
previous picture.
(3.1) If Granma can't see/find arrow keys, use xmodmap
in UNIX/Linux or something similar in Windows to map
all the keys on the left side of the keyboard to Left
arrow, and the keys on the right side to Right arrow.
Tell Granma to put both hands on keyboard and lean on
right direction.
(3.2) If Granma can't see/find the keyboard, just tell
her that its a mind reading machine that is showing
the pictures to her as you speak.
NOTE: Option 3.2 is likely to produce the best viewing
(4) Mail to Granma.
NOTE: It is possible to add audio and timing to GODIA,
in order to produce a multimedia show where the proud
photographer narrates his 2321 frame trip to Zoo.
However, this feature has not been implemented in
order to maintain machinery and family relations in
working condition.

with apologies to Granmas

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