[lit-ideas] Re: 500 pixs?

  • From: John Wager <johnwager@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: lit-ideas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 20:10:20 -0500

There's a third option, the old "middle way" made famous by websites
developed by both Confucius and Aristotle.

PUT your photos on your website, but in a directory that isn't linked
from any public file. Put a robot.txt in this directory so that people
can't search and come across the directory by accident. Then just email
the URL to your friends and neighbors, up to the cost of sending out
CD's. If you were planning on $25 for the cost of CD's to 50 people, and
it would cost $25 to transfer files to 100 visitors, then email the 100
people the URL with a note that this directory will only be available
for a limited time due to cost. This would also probably be less
time-consuming for you than trying to create 50 copies of the CD.

Isn't Confucius wonderful?

Andreas Ramos wrote:

>                     . . . .As jpgs, my photos images are about
>130 KB each. At 550 pixs, that's 71 MB. If I put all of that on the web and
>invite people to see it, and if 100 people see the pages, that's 7,000 MB
>(roughly, 7 GB) of file transfer. I'd have to pay extra for that amount of
>file transfer.
>My personal newsletter goes out to some 4,000 people and my extended
>family's newsletter has several hundred people. Some 50,000 people per month
>visit my website. So it's very likely a few hundred people would look at the
>pixs. . . . 

>At the moment, the best solution is to put the pixs on a CD (about five
>cents) and send it by postal mail (37 cents for the stamp). Regrettably,
>this means only a few dozen people will see the pixs (I won't make more

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