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What this all shows is that the kids don't just think you are grand, they know 

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  Amazing how such a simple thing
  as a small child's smile,
  unexpected --
  a response to a jest by you,
  can trumpet love for all humanity --
  this sudden connection,
  this recognition by another
  that you're jesting --
  and yet he so young,
  already this grandkid
  has found you out
  and thinks you're grand.

  During the day,
  when we play,
  grandchild three
  asks me, please, not to sing. 
  she has an ear for music.
  But at night, putting her to sleep
  rubbing her back,
  she wants to hear "Far Away Places"
  and "My Father Always Promised Us."
  even if I don't sound quite like
  John Gary or Judy Collins --
  she's such a Romantic,
  she can fill in the voids.

  The eldest, now is 6.
  Reticent from the very start,
  ever observant, almost clinical,
  as though she were taking notes.
  I would push her in the stroller
  to the nearby park and talk her ear off
  just to fill the verbal gap, 
  I'd whistle bird calls, sing made up songs,
  anything to try to engage her,
  but always I was met with silence.
  I thought she must be a very complacent child
  or else just kindly putting up with me.
  Then my day of silence came,
  bothered by my own life and thinking as we strolled
  how I might turn it all around,
  she turned around and said:
  "Tell me again about when Mama was a little girl."

  For two years he clung to his mother,
  clutched his blanket, sucked his passie,
  and then almost, over night he turned into a man.
  "If it moves," his mother always said, "a man will watch it."
  That was Holden.  
  If not a man at three, he was on the right track.
  I was startled at how young boys begin turning into guys.
  Where is all this testosterone coming from?
  Surely not those little things.
  But there it is, the sheer joy of body in motion, 
  of the mastery of motion --
  and alas, of the near ignorance of emotion.  
  Guys, guys, guys -- what of guys?  
  God's machines.  

  Mike Geary


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