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Ah the hubris of being 35.  I remember it well.  I was a gymnast in high
school, rather tall for that at 5' 10" but I managed at a wiry155 pounds.
When I got out of the Marine Corps at age 20 I was 160 pounds.  I worked on
the docks to supplement the G.I. Bill and by the time I graduated at age 24
I was 165 pounds.  I had always worked out with weights to some extent but
at about the age of 30 decided to do it seriously, heavy weights 3 hours a
day, 3 times a week for several years.  By the time I was 35 I weighed 187
and was stronger than anyone I knew.  I did get mad a time or two at
different people and challenge them to step out in the parking lot.  When
you're the strongest person you know it's hard not to do that - especially
since anyone could see how strong I was and wasn't about to step out into a
parking lot to fight me.  At work they always called upon me to move the
heavy file cabinets, desks etc.  My boss nicknamed me "superman."  So I know
what you're going through, Omar.


Alas, I have to tell you it doesn't last.  At age 71 I still have the
weights, but it gets harder and harder to do any serious lifting without
pulling something or other and then it takes a long time to heal.  I was out
running with my dogs on June 4th and tripped on something and went down hard
on my left hand which somehow or other jarred things all the way up to my
shoulder.  It still hurts.  I think even Mike Geary could whip me today.  


But isn't this what the U.S. is being accused of?  Isn't the U.S. a bit like
you are at the present time?  It can whip anyone it knows and so challenges
nations to either shut up or step out into he parking lot with it.  While
Europe is a bit like I am now - much older than and not nearly as tough as
it used to be - all that saber rattling seems so, so, well juvenile.  Why
can't the U.S. and Omar act a little more like me? 




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> Omar Kusturica:


> "Now, Phil, I suggest that you shut your Canadian

> theologian liberal

> Christian mouth the fuck up."



> No.


> Paraphrasing Eric, "Nyah, nyah"


*Come on, Phil. You don't really want a serious

confrontation. (If for no other reason, you wouldn't

want to gratify me.)



>> Phil Enns

> Toronto, ON


> p.s. I am not liberal.


*It's just a part of your multiideological identity.





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