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  • Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 14:02:53 -0400

Ursula: What I hear you saying, Eric, is that you don't approve of how the war came about or how it's being managed, but Americans are in a fight for their lives and thus anything goes.

Eric: Yes. That's why it's called war. You win it or lose it and there are no rules. And it's not just Americans who are in this fight...it's Western civilization. Maybe if the Canadian terror goons had brought their plans to fruition, you would see the threat more clearly.

Ursula continues: Take their rights. Take my rights. Shoot first. Ask questions later. Just keep me safe.

Eric: No. Forget the "just keep me safe" part. This is not about "just keep me safe." This is about winning. Just win.

Repeat: just win.

And don't "shoot first ask questions later," shoot accurately and make every shot count. Fight as decently as possible. Just win.

And don't "take my rights." The government has my permission to win. If a gigantic machine has to crunch my E-mail to win, so be it. That doesn't "take my rights." In fact, my rights will only remain mine if we win.

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