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  • Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 14:45:15 -0500

Yes, after settling in Toronto, my husband and I had ties with groups who shepherded draft dodgers through the legal ropes and we put up one or two who were in limbo. One stayed quite a while with us but never seemed to settle into Canadianness. As you say, Andreas, he lived in a bubble, pining away for Indiana, making fun of Canadianisms (chesterfield instead of sofa...). He was a sad case. He also never bought a six-pack of beer or a pizza all the time he stayed with us. (Not something that would matter so much today, but we were poor then...)

Unlike him, we were always grateful to Canada. I know I've said this in this forum before, but I feel like I gave my kids the gift of Canadianess. And they are also grateful. There is so much that is wonderful about America. But it's presence in the world today is harmful to me and mine. I hope that the 'take back the country' people get the vote out. Ursula

Andreas Ramos wrote:

it seems to me that the only people who call themselves "ex-pats" are those Americans who constantly refer to the USA while they reside outside the USA. they follow baseball scores and know the stores that sell American products.

i knew many of this type of people in Europe; they lived inside an air bubble, filled with American air. they could be five years in Germany and still not speak any German at all. i felt a bit sorry for them; their lives were in a suspended transition; they lived neither here nor there.

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