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For someone who gets his information from Annie Myelroie, who supported the 
invasion of Iraq,  who thought Cheney was some doddering old guy, and now 
statements that echo American Spectator style nonsense, your credibility as to 
what's going on in the world leaves much to be desired.  Truly, you are 
obsessed with Clinton (and to a lesser extent Carter, both democrats) no less 
so than Bob Grant was when he was on the radio.  An obsession by definition is 
a distraction away from something hurtful.   Until you deal with the PTSD that 
keeps you trapped in the days of 9/11, clear thought will be impossible.  Rage 
on about Clinton, but your rage has little, if anything, to do with him, except 
that he's a safe target for it. 

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> >>When you say liar like Clinton, you mean, like, he lied to get us 
>into a war?
>Much more thorough lying that merely sexing up intelligence the rest of 
>the security counsel of the UN already believed. Claiming to be a 
>populist but signing away basic freedoms in the War on Drug policy in 
>the early '90s. Claiming to be a Democrat but governing like a 
>Republican. Claiming his China deal in 2000 would make American 
>manufacturing skyrocket, when in fact he was either repaying illegal 
>campaign contributions or responding to some unnamed blackmail. Lewinsky 
>was unimportant except as a symptom of his routine lying.
>Try Hitchens' book on Bill, _Nobody Left to Lie To_.
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