[LinuXpert Systems] Fwd: Inviting applications for conducting workshop on 'Operating Systems Design - A Case Study'

  • From: Baskar Selvaraj <baskar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013 07:59:40 -0400

Dear member,

The "Operating Systems Design - A Case Study" workshop will be based on
Linux Operating System.


The following hands-on sessions will be conducted in the two day workshop:


Understanding the complete internal workings of the GNU/Linux operating
system in depth.

From POST (Power On Self Test) -> Bootloader -> Kernel -> Initramfs -> Boot
Process -> Runlevels -> init -> Bash Prompt -> Kernel Modules -> X Window
System -> Desktop Environment -> Window Manager -> Applications


1. Compiling the latest version of Linux kernel from source code (without
additional kernel patches)

2. Patching the Linux kernel using AUFS Filesystem (AUFS-- Another Union
File System)

An union filesystem takes an existing filesystem and transparently overlays
it on a newer filesystem. It allows files and directories of separate
filesystem to co-exist under a single roof. AuFS can merge several
directories and provide a single merged view of it.

3. Compiling and Loading 'aufs' as a linux kernel module.

4. Demonstration of 'aufs' Filesystem with example.

5. Developing a small Linux Kernel Module and loading it dynamically in the
currently running kernel.

S. Baskar


LinuXpert Systems have planned to conduct a Two day hands-on workshop on
'Operating Systems Design - A Case Study' based on the new regulation 2013
introduced by Anna University.

M.E. Computer Science and Engineering (Semester-II)
Subject: Case Study - Operating Systems Design (Team Work)
Subject Code: CP-7212

The objective of the workshop is to develop capabilities to work at
operating systems level and learn about issues in designing and
implementing modern operating systems.

The following case studies (including hands-on sessions) were planned in the

1. Development of a reasonably sized dynamically loadable kernel module for
(using) Linux Kernel
Source: http://www.kernel.org

2. Study any embedded and real-time operating system such as eCos
Source: http://ecos.sourceware.org

These workshops were planned to be conducted in the month of January /
February 2014.

Interested colleges may write to baskar@xxxxxxxxxxxx for more details.

S. Baskar
Chief Executive Officer
LinuXpert Systems, Chennai
98841 65649
98846 88508 (SMS only)

Twitter  : http://twitter.com/linuxbaskar
LinkedIN : http://www.linkedin.com/pub/baskar-selvaraj/21/881/b29

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