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*Should India support free software to take PC penetration to the next
level?* <http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/2626985.cms>  Yes
88%  No 11%  Can't say 1%


*Omkar Raut, Malad, Mumbai.,says:* I will strongly appreciate the
free-software movement spreading in India.
19 Dec 2007, 0025 hrs IST

 *freejoe, mumbai,says:* Free software is liberation of knowledge free from
political and business contamination. Most of the PC penetration in India
has happened through pirated software rather than 'legal' one.. Supporting
free (swatantra) software will not only imply greater uncontaminated
penetration but greater economic growth and, more importantly, following
ethical practices. Selling a CD for $(n*1000) is in no way ethical!
18 Dec 2007, 2119 hrs IST

 *Chandrasekhar Gummadi, Hyderabad,says:* I totally agreee with that we
should go for open source as it is cheap and easily accessible. PC
penetration is very low in India.
18 Dec 2007, 2117 hrs IST

 *Rahul Sundaram, Pune,says:* The rampant amount of piracy, security
problems and the need to have a local industry serving itself clearly show
that India would very much benefit from tight penetration of Free software
and open standards.
18 Dec 2007, 2054 hrs IST

 *Rony Bill, Mumbai.,says:* As knowledge today is being digitized, control
of public access to this knowledge should not fall in the hands of a select
few commercial corporate giants. This is true even for Governments of
Democracies as they cannot let a few corporate giants have access and
control data inside Government computer systems. Open audit of software will
make them more slim, secure and stable.
18 Dec 2007, 2045 hrs IST

 *Debarshi Ray, Kolkata,says:* Just look at what the students of B.C. Ray
Engineering College, Durgapur have achieved in Bijra (a small village near
Durgapur) using GNU/Linux, Wikipedia and such free(dom) content.
18 Dec 2007, 1944 hrs IST

 *Linuxman, Mumbai,says:* I think those who have said "No" are just
trolling. This question is equivalent to "Does India need less corrupt
politicians to make progress?" The answer is obvious "Yes". Those who do not
agree are trolling.
18 Dec 2007, 1931 hrs IST

 *svinoth, Chennai, India,says:* free software is a matter of political
independence and social movement. if we use it on a large scale which will
bring more people the benefits of information technology. so, India should
support free software by any other possible sources of funding to provided
completely free; not a business.
18 Dec 2007, 1838 hrs IST

 *Arunesh Dayal, Mumbai,says:* Software freedom is the goal; open source is
the means to that goal.India cannot choose to ignore this.
18 Dec 2007, 1806 hrs IST

 *Sudhir Gandotra, Openlx.com, Delhi, India, says:*Linux and Open source
software is the only way to create properly educated employable (also
enterpreneurs) engineers. Linux offers students the only posisbility to look
at the code and udnerstand how the software actually works - the only
practical way to learn things in any field. Today, Linux is definately
Affordable, Friendly and VirusFree and usable across the full spectrum of
users. We at OpenLX.com have established over the last thre years that India
can not only have its own Linux OS, but manage, upgrade and support it.
18 Dec 2007, 1759 hrs IST
*yogesh,mumbai ,says:*Yes of course we must support free software foundation
18 Dec 2007, 1754 hrs IST

 *RRR,Bangalore ,says:* yes
18 Dec 2007, 1751 hrs IST

 *Steven Fernandez, Pune,says:* Free software makes the most sense for a
country like India because it empowers the users of the software by making
them the *owners* not just licensees of something owned by a external
18 Dec 2007, 1751 hrs IST

 *Abhisht K Gupta, Delhi,says:* This wave should not stop here. It should
move ahead. For the same purpose, it requires new fuel, free software will
provide the same.
18 Dec 2007, 1719 hrs IST

 *Dr Alka Irani, Mumbai,says:* Free software will provide a million dollar
opportunity to India to be at par with developing countries. The medium can
be used to change educational scene in India by empowering children and
youth by imparting diverse skills to suit their interests and capabilities.
18 Dec 2007, 1706 hrs IST

 *nalini, Delhi,says:* It is free and it is wonderful
18 Dec 2007, 1706 hrs IST

 *Vineet Garg, Delhi,says:* Software today is the core of the computing
experience. We have always focussed on hardware as a measure of the ability
to compute. Also, software cost is proportional to the value it provides to
the consumer. If software is made free, so should hardware be. Then maybe we
will see more PC adoption. Also, free stuff leads to misuse than use. India
has shown that consumers are not interested in substandard, cheap and
technologically outdated goods, whether they are automobiles or consumer
durables or shoes. What they want is better value and are willing to pay for
18 Dec 2007, 1647 hrs IST

 *Debasish Das, Kolkata, India,says:* This will compete against Microsoft's
monopoly in software. Moreover it will help people to be more educated in
computer science.
18 Dec 2007, 1626 hrs IST

 *P. Suresh, Delhi,says:* Free software has its own horizons and limitations
as well.
18 Dec 2007, 1625 hrs IST

 *Santosh Kumar, Jamshedpur,says:* It is required for rapid development in
the field of R & D.
18 Dec 2007, 1624 hrs IST

*Allen Pais,Bangalore ,says:* Yes, the Govt should go ahead and offer more
support to Free/Open Source Software.
18 Dec 2007, 1549 hrs IST

 *Diva,India ,says:* Free software is high quality software developed by the
best software personnel. It not only is free to use, it gives you freedom
from proprietary software licences. Today these proprietary software may be
donated free but will capture the society and make it dependant forever.
Free software gives you independence. Like buying your own house, no one can
throw you out of your own house.
18 Dec 2007, 1525 hrs IST

 *Madhurima Chaudhuri, Navi Mumbai,says:* It should provide for better
18 Dec 2007, 1511 hrs IST

 *Ajit,Mumbai ,says:* This will help India more to create its presence in
Software Product development, in addition to s/w services which is primarily
the s/w business in India as of now.
18 Dec 2007, 1510 hrs IST

 *Dinesh Shah, Mumbai-New Delhi,says:* We had been political slaves for long
in past. Do we want to be economical and information slaves using Closed
Source Software? Choose freedom now, before it's too late.
18 Dec 2007, 1444 hrs IST

 *sandeep shedmake, Mumbai/Pune,says:* Free software is a matter of liberty,
not price. Free software is a matter of the users' freedom to run, copy,
distribute, study, change and improve the software. Hence, I firmly believe
free software is the need of the hour.
18 Dec 2007, 1424 hrs IST

 *RahulKrishna Gupta, Mumbai,says:* I hope thar "free" here means free as in
"Freedom" and not free as in "Beer" Rather than free software, you should be
emphasizing on OpenSource software. There is a distinct difference between
the two.
18 Dec 2007, 1415 hrs IST

 *Palashendu Bhattacharya, Kolkata,says:* OSS will take computing
environment into new era through democrataization of knowledge and skills.
It helps us to create local resources and enterprenure without having
dependencies on multinationals.
18 Dec 2007, 1412 hrs IST

 *sachin deshpande, india,says:* Open and free source softwares are a
welcome step to get rid from propritary onces.
18 Dec 2007, 1411 hrs IST

 *Anurag, New Delhi,says:* Free software is the way to liberate the computer
from piracy.
18 Dec 2007, 1410 hrs IST
*pravin s,Mumbai, Pune ,says:* Using free software India can achieve
whatever they want very quickly. Since the developers will be not any
company or person it will be indian community which will do the task. So
whole India can be a developer in that case :)
18 Dec 2007, 1408 hrs IST

 *Jaideep Kumar, Delhi,says:* Open Source not only brings down the cost of
software but also provides a superior offering.
18 Dec 2007, 1408 hrs IST

 *Amitakhya Phukan, Dibrugarh,Assam.,says:* India should definitely support
free software and free formats.This should be done by both Central and State
Governments but there should be proper steps for creating its awareness
18 Dec 2007, 1406 hrs IST

 *Amit Bhoraskar, Mumbai,says:* This is extremely important to achive a
higher PC penetration. Free and Open Source software will trigger
innovation, freedom from proprietory lock-in, flexibility, choice.
18 Dec 2007, 1404 hrs IST

 *Krishna K, AndhraPradesh,says:* Yes i belive this. Free software only can
achive this.
18 Dec 2007, 1402 hrs IST

 *vinod Kutty, Mumbai,says:* For the country to grow it needs lot of these
18 Dec 2007, 1351 hrs IST

 *Venkatesh Hariharan, Mumbai,says:* Without Free and Open Source Software
(FOSS), India will always be dependent on others for the most critical
technology components neccessary for building an information society. The
Tata Group's Eka supercomputer, which was recently rated as the fourth
fastest supercomputer may never have been possible using proprietary
technology. Indian language user groups have localized Linux, Open Office
and many other free/open source software to Indian languages and this has
been possible only because of the freedom that is part of FOSS.
18 Dec 2007, 1351 hrs IST

 *Ranganathan, Bangalore,says:* Free (Open-Source) Software is the easiest
and the most benign way to improve PC penetration and computer literacy.
18 Dec 2007, 1350 hrs IST

 *Gautam Jha, Mumbai,says:* Free and open source softwares will make it
easier to propogate in lower levels of society without requiring much help
in terms of Money or Licences etc.
18 Dec 2007, 1348 hrs IST

 *Vishal, Pune,says:* Let's get the proprietry stuff out for good.
18 Dec 2007, 1345 hrs IST

*Shankar Iyer,Mumbai ,says:* India needs to support free software as has
been done in all developing nations. Brazil, China and Russia are moving
quite fast on this. Reaching out to the rural India should be economical ,
painless and have localized facilities. These have been made available in
free software today by leading IT companies like Red Hat etc.
18 Dec 2007, 1340 hrs IST

 *pravin mishra, mumbai,says:* Yes, India support free software.
18 Dec 2007, 1144 hrs IST

 *Ashish Nigam, Gurgaon,says:* Free software will not be a legal entity and
many consumers may start it for false use and for every licensed software a
cost is associated, thus is important to control the price of software.
18 Dec 2007, 1027 hrs IST

 *shekhar teji, australia,says:* Private sector should give financial
support to Government to introduce free software for a normal consumer. By
this way computer literacy will increase rapidly.
18 Dec 2007, 0955 hrs IST

 *Jayaraman.S.G., Dubai/Chennai.,says:* Yes. This is a necessity to activate
better P C Penetration. Thanks.
18 Dec 2007, 0925 hrs IST

 *Pooja Sharma, Sydney, Australia,says:* India needs to increase its IT
awareness and IT usage to keep itself in line with the international trends.
A whole lot of people are lacking upgrade due to cost constraints. Free
softwares will create a higher awreness and userbase and hence it is
18 Dec 2007, 0842 hrs IST

 *Rajasekar. R, Coimbatore,says:* At present knowledge power is the key
factor for India's growth story. In order to increase this power the govt
should provide this facility to all people. Then only an average man in
India can be a skilled worker in terms of knowledge.
18 Dec 2007, 0823 hrs IST--
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