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To understand your problem I have to know what you mean when you say 
that the halant character halfs another character. Could this be a 


On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 05:38:48PM +0530, Dinesh Kaushal wrote:
> Hi All,I am working on developing Indian language tables for liblouis. 
> Currently I am facing problem in creating a few rules.In Indian scripts, one 
> rule is to add a special character that halfs the preceeding character. This 
> special character is called Halant. In Braille Halant comes before the 
> character that should be halfed, but in unicode this character comes after 
> the character to be halfed.So Liblouis needs to apply the following rule 
> during braile translationif halant is found, exchange halant with the 
> previous character.First, I thought I can use swap key words, but now it 
> appears that swap can not read from the input stream.Then I thought that I 
> can use context keyword, but again, I am not able to find how to operate the 
> input stream.Halant has unicode value \X094D, so I tried something like the 
> following.context $l"\x094d" [\X094D$l]But checktable shows the error 
> "incorrect operator in action part, and I think, the reason according to 
> liblouis guide is $l can not be applied in the action.Another issue is that 
> when I define the same rule with always keyword, there is no error but the 
> rule is not applied and I wil have to write the rule for each character. 
> Given below is an example entry.
> always \X0915\x094D 4-13 # davanagari kaRegards
> Dinesh Kaushal
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