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  • From: "Jack Schroeder" <alljackallday@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 09:25:15 -0500

Hiya John!

I'm pleased to see that you have been so productive. It remains a mystery to
me what you are doing while I'm working on something else, but here at least
I can see some of the results.

Angie and I have been talking about the telephone plan. That's something I
would like to add to my to-do list today.

I did fire up the grill this week, so I'll have some treats if I remain
mindful. See you at one.


On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 5:57 AM, John J. Boyer <johnjboyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> The latest versions of liblouis and libloouisxml are now available from
> http://www.jjb-software.com . The latest versions of the documentation
> are also available under the link "about the software." Here are the
> highlights.
> Most of the warning messages produced by Windows compilers should now be
> gone. let me know about any that remain.
> In liblouis, both of the problems reported by James Teh have been
> corrected. In addition the bug which caused a crash when the nocont
> opcode became active has been fixed. A bug which could cause a crash
> under rare circumstances has also been eliminated.
> A new escape wequence, \e has been introduced to make it easier to
> generate the ASCII escape character hex 1b, dec 27. This was done so
> that the xml parser in liblouisxml can pass formatting instrucdtions
> through the translator to the liblouisxml formatter. This new escape
> character is used in nemeth.sem to direct the formatting of matrices and
> to indicate the beginning and end of math expressions. It will be used
> for other purposes in future releases.
> The nemeth tables have been updated. Of course Mike Sivill will want to
> test them thoroughly. The tables for the Marburg mathematical code have
> been included, though they are not ready for use. those who are
> interested can look at them and help find the bugs. They will be
> operational in the next release. Note that since there are now two
> mathematical codes, there are also two editing tables, named
> respectively nemeth_edit.ctb and marburg_edit.ctb.
> In liblouisxml a number of bugs have been fixed and some semantic-action
> tables updated. Note that there are now two mathematical semantic-action
> files, nemeth.sem and marburg.sem . The semanticFiles configuration
> setting now accepts an asterisk * as a member of a comma-separated file
> list. This causes the semantic-action file named for the root element of
> the document plus ".sem" to be read at this point. for example, this
> setting in canonical.cfg now reads "semanticFiles *,nemeth.sem".
> Two major new features in liblouisxml are the capability to format the
> output file for reading in a browser and a table of contents generator.
> The first is activated by the configuration seting "formatFor browser".
> It is useful if the input document contains internal links to various
> parts of itself. These links can then be followed. External links will
> also work, but the files will not be translated into braille unless they
> have been so translated previously. Text is formatted according to the
> style sheet. Mathematics and computer code are rendered in the braille
> codes specified in the configuration file. The output document works
> nicely in lynx and in Internet Explorer with Jaws. It does not work so
> well in Firefox, possibly because the Jaws scripts for Firefox are not
> as good as those for IE.
> The table of contents generator is still in the alpha phrase. It is
> activated by the configuration setting "contents yes" or by the xml2brl
> command-line option -Ccontents=yes . It looks for any tags defined as
> heading1 through heading4 and prints them at the beginning of the file
> according to the contents style. the setting braillePages should be yes.
> Print page numbers will also be included if they are present. this
> feature still needs much work. Most of the problems are already known,
> so you need not report them.
> Formerly liblouisxml could handle only text files and xml files that
> were well-formed in the xml sense. It can now also handle "old" html
> files. This is specified by the htmlDoc bit in the mode parameter to
> lbx_translateString and lbx_translteFile or by the -t h(t)ml option on
> the xml2brl command line.
> There is a bug which affectt some files but not lbx_translateString. It
> is caused by overwriting of the specification for the output file and
> produces a segmentation or page fault. It can sometimes be avoided by
> changing configuration settings or xml2brl command options. If you
> encounter it, please send the file to the maintainer,
> john.boyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> If you have problems or questions please put them on the mailing list,
> so everybody can collaborate.
> Thanks,
> John
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> My websites:
> http://www.godtouches.org
> http://www.jjb-software.com
> Location: Madison, WI, USA
> For a description of the software and to download it go to
> http://www.jjb-software.com

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