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  • Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 05:59:51 -0700


Thanks for the feedback. Our move to liblouisutdml doesn't have a definite
timeline, but if it were available and resolved some of our issues, it
might be within the next six months. We are looking to move past v2.1.0
because there are some books we have whose XML structure causes xml2brl to
fail; many of these seem to at least be able to be converted in v2.4.0,
but differences such as this give us pause to upgrade.

If no changes are being made to liblouisxml anymore you may want to update
the code.google.com homepage, since it says there that "bugs will still be

John Brugge

On 7/26/11 4:13 PM, "John J. Boyer" <john.boyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Thanks for testing emphasis and providing such complete information.
>Something happened between the two versions of liblouisxml you tested. I
>have in fact noticed a lack of emphasis in liblouisutdml That is where
>the fixes will be made, since liblouisxml has been deprecated. Hopefully
>I will get around to looking at this and some other bugs soon. I've been
>giving priority to getting the Windows build files for liblouisutdml
>working. How soon do you think you will want to use liblouisutdml?
>On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 08:11:02AM -0700, John  Brugge wrote:
>> I'm seeing some strangeness when translating XML documents in how some
>>contractions are, or are not, happening inside of "em" (emphasis)
>>elements. I noticed this when comparing the output of conversions using
>>our current installation of liblouisxml, v2.1.0, against the latest
>>version, 2.4.0. We are eventually headed to liblouisutdml, so I compared
>>the output with that as well.
>> I've been able to duplicate the issue with a small test case. The input
>>is some short text, like the title of a book: <em>For the Win</em>.
>> My semantic action file for this test has one line:
>> Italicx em
>> My configuration file is simple as well (attached).
>> The test is a command line conversion:
>>  echo "<em>For the Win</em>" | xml2brl -f test.cfg
>> Here is what I get with various versions of liblouisxml.
>> With v2.1.0, I get no output on stdout with this command, but in our
>>full conversion process, I get this:
>> .,= .! .,W9
>> With v2.2.0 (we aren't looking to move to this, but I had it installed
>>and so tried it):
>> .,FOR .THE .,W9
>> With v2.4.0:
>> .,= .THE .,W9
>> With liblouisutdml v1.9.0:
>> ,=! ,W9
>> So I am wondering if there are configuration options that I haven't
>>tried that would give more consistent results, or that might trigger the
>>contraction of "the" in the v2.4.0 version.
>> I'm also curious if the lack of emphasis added with liblouisutdml is
>>something that can be altered with a configuration or not.
>> I should also say that translating "For the Win" with lou_translate, in
>>all versions, gives a consistent result, ",=! ,w9". Similarly, outside
>>of the "em" elements, "the" does get contracted correctly in XML content.
>> Thanks for any hints,
>> John Brugge
>John J. Boyer; President, Chief Software Developer
>Abilitiessoft, Inc.
>Madison, Wisconsin USA
>Developing software for people with disabilities
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