[leveller] Leveller 2.6 alpha build 2655 available

  • From: Ray Gardener <rayg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: leveller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 22:16:16 -0700

Changes are:

- PowerLine tool plug-in ported to 2.6.

- Ground measures convert projected coords to pixels
  taking axis directions into account (DEMs that lay
  in the northern hemisphere, etc. would trip on this).

- Filter, Replace... command added. Lets you replace
  a given span with a different span, or a single
  elevation with another.

- Selection, Select Area... command added. Lets you
  select an area numerically with more ease than
  the Function Plot selector plug-in. You can also
  specify realworld measures such as m/km/degrees, etc.
  Policy for what is meant exactly by what is
  "inside the area" not firm yet except for
  pixel measures (e.g., from 0,0 to 0,0 selects one pixel
  whose location is 0,0).

- Filter, Interpolate command was accidentally hidden,
  now restored.

- Startup folder determination was broken; fixed.
  App dir is no longer "" in ~levinit.log file.

Until further notice, the ZIP archive containing the latest alpha
is available via download link at


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