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  • From: Bill Beavers <bbeavers57@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Lekrik Flyers List <lektrik_flyers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 20:40:50 -0700 (PDT)

Well, John C. and I decided we just had to try some
flying this PM.  I had been wanting to give the A-10 a
go and after just a little encouraging (goading) from
John I decided to take it off after having taxied all
over the ball court.  This A-10 with the dual Himax
brushless motors was MUCH heavier than previous A-10's
I have crashed, but this one took off on a diagonal on
the ball court and use every inch of it and hung about
a foot off the ground for the next 10 feet before
climbing nicely and with a smooth feel to about 50
feet quickly.  I flew it around the park about 3 times
and after seeing that it was flying nicely and that
the trims and CG were just about dead on, decided to
try to figure out a way to land it.  With the gear on
it, I had knew I was going to have to make some kind
of shallow landing somewhere and come in as slow as
possible to keep from ripping the gear off.  Turns out
I didn't have to worry about that at all, because a
head first dive to the ground beats a shallow turn and
glide for getting you to the ground in a hurry any
time.  The impact was spectacular.  The main wing and
the canapoy were about the only thing I salvaged. 
Luckily the slope kits for this aren't to bad, so I
plan to build again, and see if I can get the hang of
approaches with this thing.  At first I thought it was
pilot error that had caused the crash but in thinking
about it, I remembered that I had put one of the wing
decals of the Air Force insignia on upside down so the
point of the star was facing the wrong way, so I am
sure that was the problem.  I will certainly be more
careful next time and put that on facing the correct

I am sure glad that more of you weren't there to
witness that.  I feel the shock might have been to

Until next time... maybe we can fly some this week.  I
still have a plane or two left to try.

Oh, and John didn't really goad me into flying it.  I
was ready, just needed the encouragement. :)

Bill Beavers 
Director of Technology 
Vilonia School District 

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